The industrial revolution did a lot of good to the world. It changed the black and white world into a coloured one. However, soon after that, we humans began to realise that the industrial revolution did not just do favours to us, it also contributed towards creating some serious problems, the gravest one being the environmental pollution. The increased level of pollutants in the air have dropped the humidity level which drops even more in summers. The outdoor air quality has a direct effect on the indoor air quality since we, after all, take air from the outside, we don’t make our own.

Treating Indoor Air :

Although the outdoor open air cannot be refined for breathing, there’s a lot that can be done to improve the indoor air quality. The level of humidity in the air which is crucial to health and easy breathing is 40-50%. This level drops due to severe changes in climates, increase in air pollutants and weather shifts. The indoor level of humidity can be restored anytime using the artificial humidifiers that are available in the market with all different price tags to cater people with all different types of budgets.