Furnace is the most commonly used home comfort heating and cooling product. Since the time furnaces were first introduced to the time we’re living in, furnace technologies have changed immensely.


Single Stage Furnace:

Single stage furnace products follow the rule of ON-OFF. Nothing breaks the fall of a single stage furnace once it is turned ON since it runs at the highest possible speed which is the only inbuilt mechanism that it has. Single stage furnaces are now less popular but haven’t yet vanished from the market.

Two Stage Furnace:

In two stage furnace products, the operation of a furnace changes as the weather changes. The furnace runs at a slower speed which is around 65% of its actual capacity thus saving a lot of energy. It turns fully on only when the thermostat indicates that the outer temperature requires it to produce more warmth. The second stage then helps creating that warmth.

Variable Speed Furnace:

Variable speed furnaces are the most efficient furnace products available in the market. In a variable speed furnace, speed of a furnace fan could be changed depending on the climate conditions. The fan is switched to a higher speed to blow more hot air into the rooms. This motor fan speed variability helps saving energy and spreading the warmth equally.