And there comes a time of replacement too. O yes! One day or the other, you have to say goodbye to your years old HVAC appliances because they are after all mortal too. Once a home comfort heating and cooling appliance stops working, it brings a moment of serious brainstorming in order to decide which brand to buy, which technology to consider and which service to take. That is a whole lot of work to do. But when it comes to home comfort and heating/cooling appliances, never think twice and give all your worries to us. We would love to serve you.

When to replace?

Do heating and cooling appliances need replacement only when they stop working? Maybe not! It is good to ask your HVAC service provider when to replace your appliance. Because, sometimes, the device keeps on functioning while also causing harm; like in the case of those that use CO and start leaking it due to vent or other damages. Although the lifetime of heating and cooling appliances is given on user manuals, it is not essential for it to stand true for every individual. How long will a device continue to function depends on many factors. Your appliances might have to be replaced earlier than your neighbour’s because you used them more and maintained them less. So, the time of replacement varies. It is therefore, suggested that when you suspect your appliance is needing repairs very often, try taking the opinion of an HVAC service provider on whether or not and when to replace it.